Talent acquisition management is crucial for the success of any business, and we also understand the challenges involved.
At SFAI Qatar, we stand with you as your Human Capital Partner, and we can assist you in:
Staffing & Recruitment
Recruitment process outsourcing
Hire Train & deploy.
We have assisted many clients from diverse sector & industry including hospitality, Real Estate, retail, healthcare and public sector.


Enriched with niche industry experience and unmatched market intelligence, we add value to our client throughout their journey from start-ups to achieving success.
At SFAI Qatar, we stand with you as Guiding principle to cement/ reinforce your footprints in your sector as a leader.
We have assisted variety of clients including start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, LMEs, corporate companies in diverse sector and industry for:
Setting up their business and fund management
Development of strategies and business plan
Restructuring of organization, implementation of governance/ internal controls including DOA and Policies & procedure document
Valuation and financial deals
Budgeting and more services.


Inherited from Global SFAI International, SFAI Qatar adhere to the international standards in delivering audit and assurance services.
At SFAI Qatar, we stand with you as Assessor partner to realign your financial statement as per the International Financial Reporting Standards and International Standards of Auditing.
We have assisted variety of clients in diverse sector with:
Financial Audit.
Internal Audit
Agreed Upon Procedures
Audit on Projected Financial Statements


At SFAI Qatar, we stand with you as Tax complainant partner to meet the tax requirement.
We have assisted variety of clients in diverse sector with:
Corporate & personal taxation
Value Added and Sales Taxes


Recording transaction is significantly important, as doing this will benefit you in tracking the cash out and inflows. Further, it helps you in determining the self-sufficiency factors. Hence, an online platform will be rational enough to record transaction and get accessible from any location.
At SFAI, we stand with you as your bookkeeping partner to track the expenses in & out and assist you in feeding s