Audit & Assurance Services

High quality financial reporting is essential to the effective and efficient decision-making process and reliability of the disclosed financial information. SFAI – Qatar contributes to company goals through its tailored audit approach, performed by the independent and experienced professionals, verifying that you’re accounting, and financial information are maintained in accordance with the applicable reporting framework.

Audit of Financial statements

SFAI-Qatar audit approach is based on the IFRS, which require auditors to plan and perform the audit in a manner to obtain reasonable assurance that the financial statements are free from material misstatement.

Review of Financial Statements

With the outcome of financial statement review, SFAI Qatar can assist you to identify main risks before the period end, and consequently, to prevent the occurrence of significant misstatements in the annual reports.

Compilation of Financial Statements

•SFAI-Qatar can support you in compilation and presentation of complex financial statements, in accordance with the internal or external reporting frameworks.

Agreed Upon Procedures

SFAI-Qatar can perform Agreed Upon Procedures for you which can benefit in avoiding misinterpretation of reported factual findings.

Audit on Projected Financial Statements

SFAI-Qatar can assist you in determining gaps in the projected financial statements and identifying the revenue drivers and optimizing cost structures.

Internal Audit Services

An effective and efficient internal audit function can have a major influence on corporate performance and business outcomes. To assist companies in meeting the demands of maintaining an effective internal audit function, SFAI Qatar has a proven methodology and approach that can foster your company to meet the demands of changing environments as well as your strategic goals.

Internal Audit Outsourcing

Internal Audit Co-sourcing

  • Similar approach is considered; however, it will be limited to specific area of operation and the execution will be conducted along with your internal audit department.