Human Capital Services


Contract staffing is a hiring arrangement where individuals are hired only on terms specifically set out in a contract. It usually refers to a fixed-term or project-based, rather than permanent, hiring arrangement. At SFAI Qatar, we are committed to meet your requirement with identifying, hiring, and deploying within the agreed time frame and cost.


Permanent full-time employees are at the heart of any company. Through permanent full-time employees, the company is guaranteed the full loyalty and talents of team members. Permanent employees can either be hired directly by a company, or indirectly through PEO services. At SFAI Qatar, we stand with you to fulfill your requirement towards paving the business growth.


Payroll staffing services overcome the regulatory and cost hurdles when employing workers in a remote location, to have flexibility on committing to staff, or to find a way to cover benefit costs and/or other employer burdens. Payrolling offers flexibility in your hire, and significant administrative support for the payroll function. At SFAI Qatar, we assist you in reducing your cost as well as regulatory obligation enabling you to focus more on to core business development.


On-demand staffing specialize in filling positions quickly and without hassle. On-demand staffing accelerate a client with an ability to hire temporary employees to fulfill specific needs. At SFAI Qatar, we offer a platform where staffs having specific skill sets are matches with client’s requirement and outsourced for specific projects.


Recruitment of employees for significant and leadership positions are essential for attaining business goals and sustainability. Filling such positions are challenging and carries a risk of  recruiting incapable resources. At SFAI Qatar, we offer pool of talent resources that will ease your requirement, while focusing on your core business. 


At SFAI, we offers bespoke RPO programs which are entirely customizable depending on your organizational setup and needs. We focus on defining processes and offering unrivaled industry insights to ensure superior access to high-quality talent whilst reducing cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, and therefore improving your return on investment.


At SFAI, we assist to employ local resources for niche skills and be trained by our specialist trainers without any upfront investment from your end.