Turnaround Services

Business turnaround services are witnessing higher demand, due to the global economic downturn and region specific issues SFAI Qatar can assist your business to perform to its potential, by identifying and executing strategies for improved performance and success We’ll identify where improvements can be made and show you how to implement strategic changes that will boost performance and get your business heading in the right direction

We offer the following range of services:

  • Rapid initial assessment of cash and assets plus business dynamics, including where necessary the imposition of “emergency controls”.
  • Carefully manage the stakeholder expectations, including banks, major customers and major creditors.
  • Detailed review of organizational capabilities, including systems, processes and key individuals.
  • Support existing management in the recruitment of staffs for appropriate positions.
  • Providing interim managers of appropriate experience to fill identified management voids.
  • Development of a turnaround plan and ongoing support with the implementation of the plan as appropriate.